Saturday, June 14, 2008

Andrew Jackson

I just finished a book called "The President's Lady" by Irving Stone. I enjoyed this historical/biographical novel so much. Andrew Jackson was an intersting man - full of excellent character. The kind of character that is hard to see in any American leader today. One thing I learned from him was how focused he was on his mission and how he never cared about what other people thought of him. A few of his accompishments include: negotiated countless treaties with Indians, fought heroically in the Revolutionary War, became an attorney general in Tennessee, Supreme Court Justice, leader in the fight for our freedom during the War of 1812 (he had been fighting for years to organize a military, knowing the British were not going to let us really be free) he was a master at military science and fought for Florida (governed by Spain until after the War of 1812). He loved his wife, adopted several children whose fathers died in battle and lost his wife the week he was elected President of the United States.

His wife Rachel Jackson was rediculed for years and yet still served her neighbors on horseback giving them anything the and clothing and help with child birth, illnesses and fevers. She was a wonderful hostess - serving royalty in her humble homes as well as worked the land for years and managed the staff while Andrew was serving our country.

side note - the cottage picture on the header of this blog is the chapel on Andrew Jackson's property "The Hermitage" and was taken by Brian while we were on our tour.

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