Friday, June 27, 2008

Bria's Gymnastic's Promotion

Bria has been really, really enjoying gymnastics this year. She has done so well paying attention to her teachers and working hard. Her best event is the bars. She placed 5th place overall this year (out of about 45 girls) and was able to move up to Level II after only a few short months, obtaining an overall score of 9.03 for Floor, Beam and Bars. What fun it will be to watch the Olympics this summer. Way to go Bria!

This photo is Bria with her Bar Coach Miss Alley - her favorite coach! She is going off to Biola in the Fall so we will miss her!

By the way -yes this photo is blurry...and yes my husband happens to be a good photographer and enjoys it for a hobby....and no he NEVER has his camera with him. He still shoots with film - and yet never really has any film handy. He wants a digital camera real bad. So, when you start to see the quality of my photos improve, you will know that my hubby got a job and then bought his nice, new digital camera!

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