Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oswald Chambers

Abandoned to God, The Life Story of the Author of My Utmost for His Highest, by David McCasland

I finished this book a few months ago. Oswald Chambers was an artist, history buff, poet, missionary, pastor, teacher and a man of prayer. I loved this book. I felt like I could have written down so many quotes in my notes -thoughts I would want to return to. But here are two, both from the writings of Oswald Chambers.

"We are not called to be successful in accordance with ordinary standards, but in accordance with a corn of wheat falling into the ground and dying, becoming in that way what it never could be if it were to abide alone."

"A parenthesis is a sentence inserted into an othewise grammatically complete sentence, and if you want to understand the author, pay particular attention to the parenthesis. God puts a parenthesis in the middle flow of our life, the life goes on before and after, but if you want to understand the life, read the parenthesis, if you can."

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salpetitt said...

Hello- just visiting your blog from The Nesting Place! My Upmost For His Highest is my fav devo book. Thanks for mentioning this book. I will look for it!