Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh Happy Day, Bob's Big Boys Back!

How very happy was I when I opened the front page of our local paper this week! Bob's Big Boy is coming to our town. That means one thing for me (well more than that if I count calories) Hot Fudge Cake! I grew up with a Bob's Big Boy down the street from my high school. I think it was the first place I drove myself to after I got my drivers licence in 1985 (no, it was the second, first I went to get acrylic nails). My friends and I ate lots of hot fudge cake after away football games, basketball games and before history tests....One of my best friends that I shared hours at Bob's with is Loraine. She lives in New York and is about to be married. This is Loraine and I last summer at our 20 year high school reunion.

When browsing my high school year book before my reunion, there were several references to all the memories at Bob's Big Boy. There was a picture in the year book when the Bob's Big Boy statue ended up in the middle of the football field before a big game. Memories.
My MiMi lived down the street from a Bob's Big Boy during the 1960's. She was a very frugal shopper and yet she would drive to Bob's just buy a jar of his Roquefort salad dressing. So, that is all I can recommend to eat at Bob's is Hot Fudge Cake and Roquefort salad dressing! I am looking forward to both and just driving by and enjoying memories.

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TAMI said...

There's was a Bob's Big Boy in my college town - Corvallis, OR - but I'd never heard of it before and not much after. Only ate there a few times, and didn't even know about the fudge cake. Hmmmm. I have to see if any are coming to our Winter Creek area. Though I'm certainly NOT in need of any extra cravings or the calories that usually come along with them!!