Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Donkey Kong the Fish, a.k.a Tutenkamen, Swimmey
June 26, 2008-July 6, 2008
May he rest in peace


The Limon's said...
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The Limon's said...

Oh man, how sad is that? I'm sure he lived a great luxurious life. And I am sure he had alot of laughs there at the Rennick home. Are there funeral arrangements yet?

The Limon's said...

Wait...was Brian the chef again...did he feed the fish?

Hopefull said...

Brian was not the chef, no, we made sure he did not feed it. But, he did just "add water" leaving the fish in the bowl while he ran it under high water flow from the sink! He did not even take out little swimmey! He is much better with kids and dogs!