Friday, August 22, 2008

Day in Laguna Beach

We spent the day in Laguna Beach. Picnic lunch at main beach, ocean swim and reading on the grass with ocean view. We passed by a fabulous Gelato shop - we must remember it is there and go next time. I have always wanted to go to the Sawdust Festival. I have driven passed it so many times but never had the time to go in.

It was really great. Cool art work to look at , but the best part was the kids being able to see some great demonstrations with pottery, glass blowing, painters. You walk by the art booths and watch them work. The kids were able to join in on a cartooning class. The cartoonist was a great teacher and Bria and Matt spent the next day drawing what they learned.

As a special bonus - I ran into my friend Laura, who I had not seen in five years. She is an appraiser too. She and I shared an office when we were pregnant (me with Nate). Her daughter was born 3 days after Nate. We had such fun being pregnant at the same time. We always had so much to talk about and got so little work done. After the babies were born we would bring them to work and still just talk about babies! Her daughter Hannah and Nate were able to meet - both starting high school this year and both all grown up a gorgeous :)

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TAMI said...

What a FUN day! Art in progress is so intoxicating - drawing you in.

Surely I've told you this before, but since I can't specifically remember, I risk telling you agagin ... I LOVE - have always LOVED - your header photo. It's got a real "drawing in" spirit about it, as well!