Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mystery Meat

In an attempt to be creative with our finances (lack of) right now, we have adjusted our parts of the budget that we can be flexible with. Such as food. Although I have never been a big spender at the grocery store, using coupons often and buying what is on sale, I saw a flyer from the Angel Food ministry that was providing a box of food for $30. They listed the items that would be in the box. I decided to give it a try.

I just picked up my box a few days ago. Something kinda did not sit right with me. The lables on all the meat have just the "angel good ministry" sticker on them with a brief title of what the meat is, but no expiration date or other FDA sticker labels. The quanities were also pretty small. Because I am feeding 5, a 2-4 serving meal does not really work. It did include rib meat and meat seasoned for fajitas and the above bag of chicken nuggets (my kids told me it was really popcorn chicken which made me feel a little better.)
But really what bugged me was that I think because of being a frugal shopper, I can maybe get better quality food (and know exactly what it is) at Trader Joes or with coupons for sale items, for $30. We are not in a dire situation with our budget, just trying to be creative. I know the Angel Food ministry is attempting to meet the needs of families, but I think if its not really the best deal for me, it is not for them either.

Anyway, here is our mystery meat lunch.

With the various sauce options, it wasn't that bad, but there was soooo much more fried breading than meat it was crazy! :)
On a side note, Nate and I went to Trader Joe's on a mission to spend only $30. Because they have such tempting food items and we are so weak when we see Gouda and baguettes, we got salad (two bags), frozen bags of asparagus, corn, potatoes, bread, cheese, shrimp, chicken tenders, milk and yogurt for $46. Won't last a week, but for about $20 more at Staters I can be set for the week. That is $66 of healthy food that does not include eating mystery meat!

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Miller Family said...

Hey girl! How are you? I just found your cute blog. You are so funny! Sounds like you are having a great summer. Miss seeing you at the ball park. Maybe we can get together before school starts.