Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nate's First Week

This is me trying to get a good shot of Nate leaving for school. I have been so slow in the morning that I hardly get a chance to see him off. I knew the grandparents were interested in hearing how their grandson was doing so I sent off the following e-mail at the end of last week :
Nate had a good first week. Here is a little summary of his comments:

Monday (first day) -
"school is great"
"Im going to love it"
"I like all my classes"
"I sit by Josiah in French"
"my biology teacher already likes me a lot" (he answered a lot of questions)

Tues -
"I do not like my Geometry teacher"
"I still have not gotten my locker"
"Im soooo hungry"

Wed -
"School is like a prison"
"Today was so boring"

Thurs -
"I got my locker today and Im so glad I am sharing a locker with a someone I like"
"Im happy beacause I found the school does have one vending machine - with Snapple"

Friday -
"Today was fun"
"Tues and Thurs Juice it Up comes on campus!"
"I got a perfect score on my English quiz, wrote an essay on Thomas Jefferson and got the highest score in my biology quiz"
"thanks for being such a great teacher mom and for not sending me to school before now" :)

That is about it. Ups and downs of high school begin. He has been great about getting up and dressed, making breakfast, reading his bible and having his stuff by the door by 7:20 am. He practices piano and guitar after school and then starts on homework. I know, I know, its just the first week.....

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The Limon's said...

Oh my goodness...TOO CUTE! I am so glad you wrote down his thoughts. What a great mom you are are! I love the part when he thanks you for homeschooling him and preparing him. What a blessing!