Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer is ending and I still need to .....

1. Take my mom to La Jolla

2. Make peach cobbler

3. Watch the sunset at the beach

4. Have the Phillips over for Sushi Nite

5. Go to an Angel's baseball game

6. Spend a day in Laguna Beach

7. Watch early seasons of Gilmore Girls with Jessica, Nicki and Elani

8. Meet Beth for coffee

9. Lose 10 pounds (this is left on the list every summer and I can tell you right now 10 days is not going to do it)

10. Hike to "fallbrook falls"

Let's see how the next 10 days go and if I can do it all before August 18th :)

1 comment:

TAMI said...

I didn't realize we lived in the same SoCal "neighborhood. We're trying to squeeze in our last of Summer activities, as well ~ Our Munchkins start school on the 25th. Enjoy!!