Monday, September 29, 2008

Always the Bridesmaid

Loraine has been in 21 weddings! and yes, she has all the dresses. We all suspect that someone told part of her story to someone and they made the movie "27 Dresses"!

But this weekend...........

Loraine married her true love!

Loraine was one of my closest friends in highschool. She has lived in New York for many years now and works at HBO. Her now husband is a firefighter. It was such fun to be able to celebrate with them at their "California Reception". It was like another reunion with my highschool classmates. We were all so happy for our dear friend.

I did take some pictures...but they look like this -


I was trying to show a friend of mine pictures of the kids on my camera (I forgot to bring prints) and I hit some funky button and it obviously messed with my settings! If only I could bring Tracy everywhere with me....

But, the photographer from the wedding gave us a taste of some pictures coming. They are small proofs, but will remind me what a beautiful day this was for Lor!

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Dodson Family said...

that cracked me up!! so glad you had fun and happy for your friend!!!! love you!!