Monday, September 22, 2008

It's the Lady not the Sauce

Thursday night at our house is Spaghetti Night.

Because of this lady:

I have worked with Doreen for over ten years. She started out as a part-time typist and is now the office manager. She is British and she is oh so funny! She is 73 years old and walks over five miles every morning! She loves the Lord and always makes my time in the office fun. I only see her a few times a month since I am not in the office very often, but when I am, she makes it a day I can look forward to.

Over the years, when I am at the office we ask each other "so, what are you making for dinner tonight?" If it is a Thursday - I already know. Its Spaghetti Night at her house and she will likely get company. Widowers in her neighborhood, her son, her sons friends from high school (now adult men who are hoping her spaghetti is still there) and people from church. She has a huge pot that has been cooking for days.

Of course I had to inquire about her famous spaghetti. At first she was very vague. I kept bugging her and she finally caved - sort of. I made it for a few months - and served it on Thursday, but I was never sure I was getting it right since I had not had hers.

Recently I got a call from her, inviting our entire family over to her house for Spaghetti dinner - even though it was a Sunday afternoon! She had never really met the kids and had wanted to.

Here is Matt setting the table

Nate cutting the garlic bread

Here is the sauce:

It was delicious! She packs in meatballs and Italian sausage. Other ingredients are standard - cans of tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, bay leaf, lots and lots of garlic, bay leaf, peppers, hot pepper flakes (not too much), basil, salt and pepper. I was expecting the sauce to be tasty and it really was. But, she also made homemade apple pie. It was the BEST apple pie any of us had ever had.

So , the Rennicks have Spaghetti Night on Thursday nights ( come over you want) and everyone is happy with making my sauce as close to Doreen's as I can - but we all love her and know that its the lady not the sauce that we will always remember! well....and the apple pie.


Kendra said...

These are my favorite. Food traditions are the best. Thursday nights used to be our spaghetti night, too! We'd watch our favorite TV shows, eat spaghetti, and have a blast. Haven't done that in awhile. Thanks for the reminder to bring it back!

Dodson Family said...

paula - i'm glad you have a blog - you have so many people in your life that I don't know about. What a sweet time for your family. hope everyone is better.