Friday, September 12, 2008

Post-Script Praises

  • We were new to our church during this time. The pastors were so sweet and came to the hospital and really got to know us. Brian ended up not going back to his job in West Hollywood but was the worship pastor at our church and was able to get some pastoral training he had always wanted.
  • After 7 years, we now know he had the "best" kind of MS - he has had no other "episodes" since that time. He has been able to work full-time and regained almost all strength in right side after physical therapy.
  • We had the best neurologist! He recommended excellent medication and was very informative.
  • Brian has been an encouragement to others with MS as he has been involved in sharing his testimony and song at various support groups.
  • A friend gave us a book "Life on Hold - Finding Hope in the Face of Serious Illness" by Brunvoll & Seiler. This is such an excellent book for anyone who has just been told they have a serious disease or life-changing illness.

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