Sunday, September 7, 2008

Radio Interview

Brian had a radio interview tonight on a New York station. It is a secular station that has a three hour spot on Sunday nights to highlight Christian music. The two DJ's are great and have really been promoting Brian's music over the past few weeks. He did great tonight! They ended up talking to him for 45 minutes and played three of his songs, Desperado, The Outlaw and Everything's Coming Down. They talked about everything from football, the Beatles, Norway, adoption, his family and the gospel. He did so good! He was funny! He mentioned on air that he would give away a CD to a caller - and to our delight (and relief) people called in! The boys were able to listen to the interview on the web and they were so proud.


The Limon's said...

That is so neat. I am proud of Brian too. We downloaded his album from I-tunes onto Mario's I-pod. We LOVE his music.

Kevin & Pam said...

I didn't even know he sings professionally! I knew I liked his music the one time I heard it at church. I will try downloading some too.

Anonymous said...

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