Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bria had a growth week

Bria has goals. She may not make a list or keep a journal (like her mother - to constantly make herself feel guilty and like she never has enough time in the day and to remind her that she has not reached a goal since the Atkins diet of 2000)- but, she has goals.

What fun it was to see such big smiles this week as my youngest had successes!

Heres to a big week for reading. Not stopping as much to sound out letters - just reading out loud with confidence!

Riding her bike! She learned last year, but did not pick up her bike for some reason for months. She forgot how to ride, lost confidence. But his week, she is riding her bike all over and having lots of fun.

She is blowing bubbles! After working for years to master this very important, lady like and flattering skill - mission accomplished!

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Miller Family said...

I love your daughter! She is so cute!