Wednesday, October 22, 2008

guess who is going to see Amy tonight?

Thanks for all your encouragement! It will be fun - mom is coming along and she will love it. She knows all the songs too as Amy is all I listened to in Jr High. It will bring back such sweet memories of how God has used music to encourage me through family and personal trials growing up. We hope to see Holly and her sister who thinks I am such a crazy lady that I would blog about wanting to see Amy so bad who cannot even sing all that good - there tonight too! Im excited! :)


Miller Family said...

Yeah! God is so good! If you gals would like to meet us for dinner, we are going to the Sizzler in Escondido across from the Concert. We are meeting between 6-6:15. I am so excited, even if my sister thinks we are crazy!!! HA!

TAMI said...

Have fun!!