Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Acorn Woodpeckers

At Mt. Palomar State Park we camped among the trees - trees that looked like this filled with acorns! It was so cool. We had a front seat view to God's creativity. The woodpeckers pecking on a tree above my tent woke me in the early morning hours.
I had never seen trees like this but now as I have read about them (of course it has become a mini-science unit this week), they are popular in Oaks in the West. They peck at the wood and then they gather acorns, find a hole the right size for their acorn and store it.


Molly said...

those are fantastic pictures- did you take them? did the birds keep you up or do they sleep?

Hopefull said...

Brian took pictures - he has a manual and they have not been developed. The trees in our camp were completely covered with acorns from top to bottom and the peckers had pretty red heads just like these! They only pecked in the morning and durin the day so I guess they do sleep :)