Monday, January 19, 2009

so I made this picture coffee mug

I have made a few of these now. They are so easy and fun to do. I am going to make myself one next because every time I make one, I want it.
The picture mug comes from Starbucks, its about $10.95. Get some cute scrapbook paper (not thick kind). I chose this one for my mom's birthday since she loves brown, black and everything argyle (the ribbon).

Take out the little paper they have inside the mug - it comes out from the bottom. Cut your scrapbook paper to the same size.

Print out small sized pictures and arrange (that cute bow did not make it, too thick). Glue all and let dry.

Roll it up like this and slide it back in

Now its cute and custom. I made one for my dad this Christmas and added black scrapbook letter stickers that said "papaw's" and he just love it.

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melissa said...

i love these, but have actually never made one myself. yours is super cute!