Monday, January 5, 2009

to garage sale or not to garage sale

This (commitment to garage sale) may or may not be included in my goals for this year. I'm still weighing it over.

Reasons NOT TO garage sale:

* Saturday is for sleeping in or going to a sporting event

* I probably can live without it

* waste of gas

* breeds a spirit of greediness (see guy who picks up Woody in Toy Story)

* do I really want to be this thrifty? (I have no problem with used, this just sets in when observing too much of my surroundings)

* I'm not very good at it

Reasons TO garage sale:

* but what if I find the perfect.....

* saves lots of wasted money

* teaches my kids to be smart with money

* makes me think ahead

* makes me wait

* God has surprises at garage sales


Molly said...

I like the bit about God's surprises, but I still don't think I'd garage sale. No way, no how. It would not get me out of bed.

Anonymous said...

I limit my garage sale-ing...I have a certain amount of cash and I am looking for certain things. Of course, we all know that some garage sales have things that we cannot pass up-whether we need them or not. (wait, you said that--greed!! Yikes!)

I like your blog.

Susan (the Mrs.)

melissa said...

thanks for stopping by a resting place! and when i came over, i saw one of my favorite topics!! i did a whole series on yard sales last summer - even with some "rules" for it!

i totally go through the same argument with myself every spring. i absolutely LOVE finding "God's surprises" at yard sales, but it does take time, and is something that can become about the stuff. even when the stuff is $1 instead of $20. you'll make the right decision! maybe you could pick 2 saturdays a month to go for an hour? or something like that! glad you liked my playlist!!