Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the day the music died...50 years ago

It is an official holiday, named after the famous song written about the tragic event. February 3, 1959 was a story that my dad told me long before the movie "La Bamba" came out. Wow, 50 years ago, my mom and dad were 13 year old. Yeah, if one my son's favorite musicians died in a plane crash today, it would impact him too.

Other music thoughts.....what was the number one song the day you were born? Find out here at #1 Song This Date in History . Mine was "Get Back" by the Beatles. Cool! So I had to go to youtube and check out the London roof top performance about 40 years ago. Here it is for your enjoyment.

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Molly said...

I love it!
Mine is Honky Tonk Women by The Rolling Stones- guess that explains it all. What a fun thing. I remember how sad I was when Rich Mullins died, and John Denver.