Monday, February 23, 2009

my little boy is 10 today

He loves his dog, he loves to play guitar hero.....
and we really, really, love him!
(pretzel art randomly made by his little sister one lunch hour)
When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said "nothing really, you gave me so much this Christmas."
Yep, that's Matt.
We call him "simple man" or "angel boy". He did request a day at Knott's Berry Farm with the family. He loves roller coasters, Snoopy and Mrs. Knott's fried chicken and boysenberry pie.
Happy Birthday my dear sweet boy!


The Limon's said...

Ahhh, Happy birthday Matt. I just told Micah and he started jumping up and down saying "when can I go over Matthew Rennicks house?" Have a great day Matt with your wonderful family. Mrs. Limon oopps I mean Mrs. Malon.

Miller Family said...

Happy B-day Matt! You forgot to add he is a great baseball player!! Double digits- how exciting!Still want to do a park day!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Happy Birthday to Matt!!!!What a wonderful son you have there!!! I am so impressed with his answer of what he wanted for his birthday.

The Limon's said...

Happy bithday Matt! I mean 10 your old boy.Come and play soon with Micah. And have Bria come over and play with me. P>S> Bria come over and play with me. How are you Bria?
I hope you and matt could come over soon and we can jump on the trampoline.And I saw HIgh school musical 3. And I loved it. THat was my favorite. You are a good friend.ANd my GOd give you good sleep.With lot'sof love: MISS HANNAH GRACE LIMON.