Thursday, March 19, 2009

what I liked about oregon

downtown trees

downtown food court

powell's bookstore
bridges, bridges, bridges

so cold I got to wear my new gloves


that turned into snowy tress

more snow

and then I reached the coast

and seaside houses on lewis and clark street

driving pacific coast highway

finding the coastal town manzanita, known as the carmel of oregon, and this cute little inn

a quick tour of the tillamook cheese factory and their sample table
but happy to be home


TAMI said...

Ah - so many wonderful places! For The Engineer & I, those are our original stomping grounds! We're heading up there to visit both sides of the family this Summer ... and, being as The Engineer only knows to be, he suggested we do all of the girls' school clothes shopping while there to avoid California's ever-increasing sales tax!!

Glad you had a wonderful time - just love those coastal drives, and it's been a long time since I lived in Portland (Ah, Powell's!) - and also that you're safely tucked back in at home!!

Natasha said...

I love Oregon. Every summer we get the atlas out and say we are moving to Corvallis!

M Phillips said...

You went to Powells!? I'm green. Hope you had fun. Glad you're home.

Molly said...

Great pictures, and wow, you covered a lot of ground. You definitely did go to a great part of the state.