Thursday, April 16, 2009

ET came home

Oh Joy! I almost cried. My beloved stuffed ET has been found! I was up in the rafters putting the Easter baskets away when I spotted him. I thought for sure he had never made it after our last move. I bought him at the mall when the movie was still in theaters (1985). It is silly the number of times I have thought about it.

The last I remember seeing it was Nate (now 15) sitting in the shopping cart seat holding ET through a grocery store. Almost every shopper stopped us asking "is that ET?", "where did you get him?" or "I loved that movie!"

I clearly remember, I was 16, my mom was making her bed at our old house in Orange County. She was crying. I asked her what was the matter and was she ok? She said (sobbing) "oh, I am fine, it's just that I cannot stop thinking about ET!"

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