Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Heart Saturday AND.....Matt's Blog

Snickers and Me

Matt has a blog! I only walked him through it once and then he was on his way. He has even added a playlist of his favorite songs and his own links. It is so cute.

This will be fun to see what is important to him and have him try his hand at writing, journaling, and spell check! I'm sure he would be surprised by a comment or two- so please feel free.

My favorite posts so far:

How the Violin Works

Boardsliding Skills

Grammar Assignment (I gave him the option of typing it as a post or writing it on paper - he had to take a boring paragraph and add description words)


Sandy Toes said...

Just make sure Matt is safe with a blog....don't share too much information...sorry, I worry about things like this!!!
Have a great weekend!
sandy toe

Hopefull said...

Great reminder -

melissa said...

so cute! i loved bria's post about all her cute clothes, too!! they are both a-dor-a-ble!!!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

you know when they first brought him in and they were all working around him but talking about george joining the army. they kept saying "George!" and even once "George Bailey??!!" and when that name kept flying around it just clicked to me that it was probably him and when he didn't show up i knew for sure.

i should have stated up front that this was an answer to your question on my blog.:)