Monday, May 11, 2009

a little sad and something to cheer me up

I woke a little sad this morning.
It seems to happen at the end of every school year.
I think I could have done a better job with the kids.
More than birthdays, buying the next year's grade curriculum
reminds me they are getting older - fast

Nate almost done with freshmen year in high school -
I'm getting a little nervous
driving soon?
can we afford that?

I do not like the heat
I love the cold

I turn 40 this month
I am starting a diet today

that is my grumbles for this morning

this little viedo made me smile and tear up a bit because I am wierd


Matt said...

This is a wierd video, its like knowon knew that it was planned out.

The Limon's said...

OK, don't laugh...but that made me cry. That was so fun...I think we should do that at our mall. That would be so much fun.

Also, you just need to hang around me and you won't be sad about yourself anymore. You should see ALL that I haven't done with my kids this year - including laundry!

TAMI said...

I LOVE change - but that doesn't mean they're always easy. What change does mean though is that there will be knew ways of discovering who & how you are ... and that's not always easy either, so go ahead and cry and smile!

"HOT" at 40 is a good thing right??? =)

Loved the video - have seen some others like it.

Hopefull said...

Ha! See! Matt is my 4th grader spelling no one "knowon" least he got "knew" right ;)

Miller Family said...

Ok - this why I just love you my dear Paula!! You are so real!! I have been feeling the same! A little hot tea never hurt!? And 40 is the new 30! Don't sweat it! HA!

Hannah Sivilay said...

Dont you Love that video!! I could watch it 100 times.