Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what makes her happy

dance class

bria close

really, I can guarantee I will see an especially amazing smile every Tuesday between 5 and 6

girls jump

What I love is that it is not only because she really loves to dance, but....

* I see her working so hard to get it right

* she puts her ALL into it

* I see her confidence during her evaluations that require her to perform the dance all alone

* I see her want her friends that are stuggling with parts of the dance to get it and

* today during the peer evaluation, I heard her point out wonderfully positive attribute about each team member

what makes me happy... I just watched it again this week

what would make me happy...the C9

cappuccino, mocha or latté at the touch of a button - mine today for only $1,799


Kevin & Pam said...

What a cute smilie! :) I love that movie too. Haven't seen it in years. May have to rent it.

Natasha said...

So cute!

melissa said...

we absolutely love dance class, as well. i'm glad your cutie loves it, too! oh, and i'm glad you reminded me about that movie...it's been a while since i've seen it, but i remember loving it! and ohhh, illy coffee. yummmmmm...