Wednesday, July 29, 2009

more on holding on

My first born is taking drivers training as I write…
Yeah, he can get himself where he needs to be!
Wait, no!
That means no more one on one in the car with my teenager!
That is precious time.

When I look at my kids growth weather physical, spiritual or socially,
I cheer – yeah you!!!
But then I think NO!
Stop – that means you are growing up right before my eyes!
I try, try, my best to be thankful when they ask me for help with something. If I am busy, my instinct is to complain at being interrupted.
Yet, some days it is so quiet.
No one is asking for my help.
Not even to reach the cereal bowls.
When did that happen?
So yes, I am holding on and letting go at the same time.
I am taking a picture of myself today WITH my kids.
Next summer they will not look the same.


TAMI said...

Oh - we have photos of that SAME driving school! =)

Each new phase has joys all its own -- so marvelous to discover who these "children" are growing up to be! And yet - the pang of a mother's heart as they do so ...

Dodson Family said...

oooo they grow up way too fast - i CHERISH that one on one time in the car too...I never mind driving to Murrieta because of that!!! It's the best time - Go take that picture - they really do grow way too fast.

deb said...

bittersweet pulling and pushing at our hearts always.
It is a good mom that notices.

American in Norway said...

I feel the same way,... sigh... so excited to see what my children are becoming...(fantastic little people) - but also sooo sad that it is going WAY TOO FAST! : (
(you have a beautiful family! : )

Kevin and Pam said...

That is the truth! I can't believe how they are growing and changing so much either!