Tuesday, July 7, 2009

one of the things..

there are many...but one of the things I love about summer is that Nate is home to empty the dishwasher and do dishes throughout the day.
I would rather do ANY chore around the house than empty the dishwasher. It is so easy to just run out the door to the post office and say "hey, Nate empty the dishwasher and clean the kitchen while I am gone" and he says "ok".
Really, he does. Partly, because we have so little to be done around this house unless it is our once a week cleaning day and partly because he knows that making mom happy is well worth it and does not go unnoticed.
I love the dishwasher placement in the picture below. Is her husband putting her coat on or off? Are they going out for after dinner drinks or just coming home and about to realize "oops, we forgot to close the door to the dishwasher and run it while we were out!".
Is he saying to her "have a great time at the Ladies Summer Night study, don't worry, I will turn on the dishwasher and tuck in the kids, you have done enough already today."
Not like I am holding a unhappy feeling that I missed my first summer night study or anything.

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