Friday, August 21, 2009

cash cab

Bria loves watching Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel. She was already facinated with taxi cabs before she saw the show. Several times she would comment about how much she wanted to ride in a taxi. She would ask me questions about taxi's such as why someone would take one, how much they cost, can we take a taxi to co-op or music lesson!?? Can a taxi pick up Jenna and bring her to our house, and WHAT if she and Jenna ended up in the Cash Cab!!!

So, we started playing Cash Cab (more like Cash Van) in our car. I would ask history and bible review questions between point A and point B. Three wrong answers and it was over. Answer all correct and its McDonald's ice cream time :)

We get to San Francisco and of course she sees lots and lots of taxi's. The benefit of traveling with Grandparents is (besides they happen to be very fun) they say "Yes" to almost everything. Papaw was more than willing to get Bria in a taxi. He was so sweet. He found a taxi and told the driver to drive them around as far as $10 would take them - they were on the ride just for fun. Bria of course asked the driver if he has seen Cash Cab...he had. I have no pictures of her and the taxi since I was off exploring other parts of the city (another benefit of traveling with grandparents). But, I love this picture of Bria and my dad (with taxi in the background.) She was so happy about FINALLY getting to ride in a taxi...even though it was not the Cash Cab!

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Dodson Family said...

that is so cute that he took her in a taxi!! at first i thought she was on the taxi cab driver's back...but then i read the post!!!

aawww gotta love Papa's!