Monday, August 3, 2009

low carb breakfast

Anyone else trying to stay away from heavy carb breakfasts? Like my favorite blueberry pancakes from The Orginial Pancake House!! It seems that since blueberry's are on sale alot this month I keep running into food that looks this good!

Of course, we all visit PW's recipes...but I wanted to make sure I documented my new found eggs.

Finding this recipe has made me wake up the past two mornings smiling and looking forward to eggs! If you have been trying to think of all the ways you can have eggs in the morning-

Try these! Huevos Ree-Os

Speaking of breakfast, but definitely off the low-carb mind of my favorite parts of vacation was that my mom bought these guys..

First, because mom did not buy sugar cereal, so the fact that the pack comes with the good stuff was such a treat! The corn flakes and rasin bran were for the parents- we kids never reached for those first! Plus, how fun that breakfast came from a mini-box!

Im buying them this week for our up-coming - it's finally here - vacation!

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PamperingBeki said...

Enjoy your vacation!

(My favorite is breakfast foods for dinner.)