Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Heart Saturday can't silence my love

(late edition)

To be honest...I am overwhelmed and not hearting anything right now. Well, that is not entirely true. While I am struggling with a bad attitude, marriage conflicts, work dead-lines and homeschool issues - I love and need the help that music gives. Listening all week to the new Switchfoot CD and, yes, it is no news that I am a very big fan of Jon Foreman, but really, this album is great.

"hello hurricane, you're not enough - you can't silence my love...

Everything I have I count as loss

Everything I have is stripped away

But before I started buildingI counted up these costs

Ain't nothing left for you to take away"

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The Limon's said...

Paula, I am praying for you. Please know you are not alone even though it probably feels like it at times. We need to go have some coffee together. I miss talking with you!