Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Heart Saturday AND....home remedies!

After pulling my casserole dish full of piping hot sausage filled manicotti's the other night, I laid a towel down on my table and the dish on top. I thought (lame) it would protect my table. It did not.

I lifted the towel and this stain was left. I was so mad. I am so hasty and rough on things. Uggh.

Searched my Home Comforts book and it only mentioned how to repair with sanding and staining. Google brought up this idea:

Hover your steam iron above stain and the stain will be lifted. This worked at first, but then the stain came back after about 5 minutes.

Another said, put a pillow case or white towel over the stain and set your steam iron on it for about 30 to 60 seconds. I tried that and it worked!

Happy me.

(Oh, Renee White - if you see this, that is my new Southern Living cake stand, turned up side down. I love it!)


Carri said...

Awesome! I love tips like that!

TAMI said...

How much money did you just save? $800 or so?? At least that's what I would've put at the bottom of your receipt! =)
Good job!

Catherine Anne said...

Thanks so much... Great post....