Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my middle guy is 11 today!

I have an awesome 11 year old boy. Can't we all be middle children?

I think I would have more friends.

Something extra sweet about his temperment.

We call him the "simple man"

Most birthdays he chooses a day at Knott's that always ends in Boysenberry Pie.

This year...

he simply asked to see the snow.

We got nervous about the wind and possible need for chains.

We owe him a day.

Last week we took a pre-birthday trip - just the two of us.

I took him to Fresno with me for work.

Not quite Disneyland with mom but we sure had a great time.

He got a new DS game, a great lunch and Starbucks 2 times!

We had lots and lots of laughs and listened to Hobbit on CD and some great music.

12 hours alone with one of your kids is a wonderful gift.

Happy Birthday Matt!

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Anonymous said...

Finally getting around to looking at your blog...I LOVE it! You are too cute for words, and love these pics of just you and Matt!! xoxo

Danielle K.
(your neighbor)