Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camping Fun

We set out on an adventure with the Vega family - no camp site reservations, just left our home with our car packed and prepared for either the beach or a lake. We tried the beach first, but could not get a site, so we were off to an unknown campground. It was not all that we had hoped, so after getting the site up and then back down again - uggh - we ended up at Dixon Lake and loved it. We had a wonderful view and were still close enough to head out to the beach for the day. So, the kids had the best of both - beach and fishing at the lake. We always love hanging out with our good friends. The kids all get along great and enjoy playing games, making forts, hiking and fishing. The adults love to gather and talk theology, literature, kids, vacations and thanksgiving to God over all that He has blessed us with!


TAMI said...

You're quite the adventurer. No reservations??! I don't think my sanity could take it. Setting up camp, tearing it back down, and setting up again elsewhere. Oohhh. The pain, the pain, the pain. Obviously I could use some of your relaxed "abilities." Looks like it was WELL worth it!!

Dodson Family said...

that sounds sooo fun! i'm jealous. i agree with Tami (whovever she is!) that it would be hard to do what you did!!! Once you got settled - what a blast!