Monday, July 28, 2008

Yippee - Coffee is a Healthy Food!

It is official (again) ( at least for now)....the latest scientist say "that there is no need to feel guilty anymore about that double shot Americano that gets you going in the morning. In fact, coffee is looking more and more like a health drink. Among its remarkable benefits, new research shows, coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes, heart attack, gallstones, Parkinson's, kidney stones and cirrhosis."
My coffee drinking habits are at an all time high (low) right now. The other day I stopped to think that I had only been drinking coffee all day, with the exception of one diet coke at lunch. Usually in the summer, I cut back. But this summer, I became a little obsessed with creating the perfect cold coffee drink. I have had great success and now on top of the enjoyment of my coffee creations - I'm being healthy!

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