Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Surprisingly Talkative

Constantly reading God's word and Praying. That is what I need to do. Every wacky emotion, every concern, every hope - I just need to talk to Him about it and in the organic God book, I reminded that God is surprisingly talkative.

" Every so often, I will find a sentence or phrase that reads as if it was written specifically for me that day. Mark 6:31 contains one of these gems. "Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while." Within the context of this chapter, Jesus is speaking to the disciples after they learned that their friend John the Baptist had been slaughtered, but within the context of my own life, its as if Jesus is issuing a personally engraved invitation to me."

"Come. Away. A Secluded Place. Rest. A While."

"A challenge to slow down and take some much needed alone time. A reminder to close my eyes to the immediate demands of life in order to get a better view of the eternal. Though the invitation doesn't say how long to stay, I know from experience that resting will be well worth my while. "

"The Scripture comes alive. God speaks."

This is what I have been missing - I have not done that enough this summer, or really enough - period. But I will.

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TAMI said...

Your ECHO is heard by us all. I'm so blessed to be going on my own three day retreat of solitude in a couple of weeks. I do this once a year - - and it's always a bit shocking to realize HOW MUCH I NEEDED IT. Blessings to you in your restings!