Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bee Stings

A few days ago, Matt was stung by a bee while working out in the backyard with dad. He got stung on one of his fingers. Dad got the stinger out, gave him Benadryl and put on baking soda and water (grandma always said to). Over the next few hours his hand began to swell. He went to bed with ice on it. The next morning, it looked worse. He also said he felt sick. So, I took him to urgent care to get the scoop on allergic reactions to bees. The Dr. said it just looked like the bees gave him a good dose of venom and to wait it out - the swelling should get better. Before I left the Dr. said "let me give you a perscription for an antibiotic in case the swelling spreads or if you see a red rash develop up his arm". That evening before sitting down to dinner, Nate said to Matt "dude, your arm is totally buff" As dad and I checked it out we saw the swelling had gotten worse and a red rash was up and down his arm. We got over to the drug store and gave him the medicine. Today, the rash is much better and the swelling is going down. We took him out to lunch after music lessons. For some reason, my kids always expect some kind of special treat after being at the doctor or being slightly injured. I guess I have spoiled them with that. So, now we know, Matt is allergic to bees!

*** I did take a picture of Matt's arm but he said "mom, don't put my arm on your blog!" Don't you hate when they catch on :)

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TAMI said...

I too "expect some kind of special treat after being at the doctor or being slightly injured"!! I don't have much familiarity with allergies to bee stings, but I expect the learning curve is quite expedient. Blessings on your family.