Monday, September 1, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Wow! I cannot believe it! We got to go to the Big A and watch the Angels play the Rangers! Our dear neighbor friends who just welcomed a baby girl, gave us the tickets he got from work. What great seats! This was Matt's first big league game and he loved it! He was so fun to watch the game with. I was about his age when my dad had season tickets to the Angels and I loved going to the games. I loved keeping score in my program and being so excited when they announced the lineup. I still feel nostalgic when I am at the stadium and remember my favorite first baseman Rod Carew and my favorite catcher Brian Downing. My dad would take me to autograph days and the best memory ever was when Brian Downing hit a grand slam on my birthday (I think I was turning 11).

The highlight of this game (besides sitting with my sons and hubby) was Torii Hunter. He is Matt's favorite ballplayer right now and he had a great game - with a single and two amazing plays at center field. Matt also was thrown some free peanuts during the 7th inning stretch by one of the guys in the hat! :)

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