Friday, September 5, 2008

This is the day that the Lord has made.......let us rejoice!

My life on this day:

4:45 am - alarm goes off

5:00 am - up and making coffee

5:15 to 6:45 am - working on finishing appraisal report. the value is WAY below escrow price so I am now in a slight panic.

6:45 am - Nate is making breakfast for himself, Matt is up and bringing out the toaster and honey to toast my English muffin

6:50 am - Nate and I discuss his lunch options. He settled on salami, cheese and crackers - but was worried about the cheese staying cool enough. I put an ice bag in the portable DVD case as a quick lunch box. Until now he has been making rice and putting it in a thermos. We are lacking in this area.

7:00 am - Pray and send Nate on his way with dad to the carpool pick up place.

7:10 am - Send out an email to the buyer of the hotel I am appraising, basically saying "what were you thinking!" and another email warning my boss who is supposed to review my report today.

7:20 am - Help Matt and Bria get on task with making bed, getting dressed, etc.

7:25 am - Change a load of laundry and put in my couch cover that was full of ants! (just remembered its still in the washer - oops)

7:30 am - Make bed, get in the shower

8:00 am - Help Matt with math and help Bria with piano practice

8:20 am - Matt is vacuuming and I am getting school ready that they take to do during and on the way to music lessons

8:30 am - Brian is taking kids to music. I am on the phone with my boss who is slightly panicking too.

10:00 am - After working on appraisal report and discussing the issues with my boss, get some clarity and some suggestions, I just about finish the report

10:15 am - Get Matt to write a paragraph using as many spelling words as possible - I offered an incentive this time - he gets $0.25 for each list word used.

10:30 am - Bria cleans up Polly pockets and we get ready to leave for Matt's tennis lesson

11:00 am - 12::00 pm - Matt enjoyed his first lesson very much. I enjoyed shade and watching Bria on the swing set. I noticed that when she "pumps" her legs are perfectly straight and her toes are pointed without thinking about it - just like she practices for dismounts in gymnastics.

12:15 pm - make tuna sandwiches for kids and tuna salad for me. Kids turn on Arthur dvd and I go back to exchange emails with a client regarding my next appointment - in Truckee!

1:00-2:00 pm - Kids are playing great, Friday is our half-day, so I sneak in more report writing and menu planning

2:30 pm - Mom (Mamaw) comes over and we head over to Nate's school. This is her first time seeing where he goes to school and since he is the first born grandchild and has been home schooled his entire life, this is a big stuff.

3:00-5:00 pm - Pick up Nate and begin our "tour" of new retail and restaurant places in Temecula. We first go to the Henry's center and see that there is a San Sai (great Japanese "fast-food") and Melting Pot fondue restaurant - which I cannot wait to try.

Then we hit the Village center at the mall and Mamaw treats us to White Lime yogurt. It was so fun and yummy. You pay by the ounce ($0.39 per ounce) which includes all your toppings too. I had cake batter (of course) but with no guilt since it is Fat Free :) This same center has Cosi, a restaurant I really wanted my mom to see since it has "fun" girly food and cute chairs and lighting. Also checked out a pet store and got Snickers some "best buddy treats"

Drove my mom through Harveston since she had not seen it before. She really loved the lake and the cape cod style.

5:15 pm - went to Blockbuster to pick out some videos. Got very distracted watching some Madonna videos from the 1980's. Scary that I new every word to the songs

6:00 pm - say bye to mom, hello to honey, and start on dinner

6:15 pm - while making Enchiladas, I watch a video of Sara Palin talking at her church over a year ago. - interesting. Assembly of God.......but love that she loves Jesus. I also listen to "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman, for the first time (I had been avoiding it) and had a good cry in the kitchen, but no one noticed.

6:30 pm - broke up a fight between Matt and Bria - Bria was not letting Matt out of her room until she was done playing with him. He told her he wanted to go do more "man - ly" things

7:00 pm - we finally sit down to dinner and enjoy Nate's stories of his day - if nothing else, public school has provided some comic relief to the family

7:45 pm - Help Nate finish the dishes and go blog :)

8:45 pm - Time to get on my jammies, pray with the kids and watch a movie with my man.


TAMI said...

Thanks for posting your day - it's good for me to see the details of your companionship ... I mean, the similarity of our walks. It's very hard work, with moments to cherish along the way. And it's okay to be tired when the day is over, sometimes even exhausted.

Kevin & Pam said...

Wow, I wish I could even remember what I did in a day!
If you want to listen to another tear jerker listen to "With Hope" by Steven Chapman Curtis. This was just written after the death of his daughter.
It was a blessing to meet you today. I can't wait for next week!
I would love to read your other blog "Complancency is Dead", if you ever open it up to people.
I was just thinking last night, what a blessing it has been to meet so many wonderful people from FBC. People who can challenge me and help me grow.