Tuesday, October 28, 2008

just being mom

So we head out of town after a busy week. For me it was filled with homeschooling, meal planning, budgeting, working, shopping, driving all around, more working - all the little roles I have that together tend to overwhelm. Dont tend to, they just do.

I wasn't sure we should just pack up for the day and go. There were floors to be mopped, drawers and closets to be weeded out, recycling cans to cash in, lesson plans to be filled in....

But as we did, I became simply happy - just being mom. I love being the one to remember all the essentials and that when we are gone from all the other responsibilites - I am just supposed to be mom. Holding hands across the street, noticing when to apply chapstick, having an extra water bottle in my purse.

and I loved it. Even if it was for only a day.

we kicked it

Mom and Dad rented this cute farmhouse in Big Bear for the weekend.

we were silly

we ate a breakfast meal here on our honeymoon 17 years ago.

so we were remembering......
..... and then we were smiling and it was nice 'cause
..... it had been a while


Miller Family said...

Look like a great time! good for you! Its nice to relax and hang out w/ family! What a cute house!

The Limon's said...

That is sweet. Glad you got away.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I had to come say "hi." As a fellow home school mom, I chuckled when you posted on Lauren's blog about reading and having to declare a teacher workday. I have done this so often. Not with Twilight,but too many other great books. Good to meet you.

TAMI said...

Big Bear is wonderful this time of year -- and all the other times I've been there, as well!! Glad your were able to forsake the chores calling your name and dive right into the freedom of your vacation!