Monday, October 27, 2008

A Music Weekend

This was a weekend of music performances for my family (minus me). Brian did a 40 minute set at the Temecula Arts and Music Fest. Just him and acoustic guitar. He was well received and did an excellent job. I love that he is playing gospel saturated songs at secular venues. He always hangs out to talk to people.

Matthew played his "graduation piece" at his recital held at the Temecula Library. He did so very well. It amazes me that he finds it so easy to memorize such long pieces of music. He is sounding better every year. It is always good to go to recitals, not just because the kids get to perform music they have been working so hard to perfect, but because they leave being excited about the more advanced performers and seeing what they will be working on next. It also makes me thankful for the time we have invested in getting them to practices each week, nagging all week to get them to work hard before play and for their amazing music teachers.

Bria played too. She did so well - she usually gets so nervous, but she improved a lot this time and had fun playing her music.

After her bows, she runs back to her seat! It cracks me up!

Nate wowed the audience with his latest piece - he did great!

My artist-types.....I think it is funny how much we all enjoy classical music.

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