Monday, December 15, 2008

a christmas favorite......Books

Molly is a dear friend of mine at Valley Blogging. She is sharing rich Christmas thoughts, verses and quotes this month. When you have time alone, get a cup of something hot and enjoy a deep nugget for this time of year. She has invited us to share our favorite Christmas books.

I love this retelling of the Christmas story. Chuck Swindoll brings insights into all of the characters. It is one of our family favorites. We read a chapter each week - Ch. 1 focuses on Mary, Ch. 2 Joseph and Ch. 3 Gabriel.

I read of one review that read,

"Chuck Swindoll gave the most understandable meaning I've ever read of why Jesus was the only way God could offer salvation to a fallen world. It has given me a fresh approach to this Christmas season and I highly recommend it."

It is a little over Bria's (7 years) but fine for Matt (9 years). This is a small book with gorgeous pictures and makes a wonderful gift. Also, I noticed that Insight for Living has a radio theater version of the book. Im going to check it out!

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Molly said...

You are such a Barnabas- was there a female equivalent? Maybe Ruth. Anyway, beautifully done!