Tuesday, January 27, 2009

dinner time?

why is Bria holding out her piggy bank to me with all the change she has left in life?

Well, it all started when I found out that Brian was taking some older gentleman from church out to dinner tonight. Of course, he tells me as I am ready to leave for carpool and already have a chicken dish prepped and ready to go. I really don't like to make a big dinner when Brian is not with us. I would rather make something lite for me and the kids. Its actually kinda fun. Well, as the kids are begging me to stop for pizza, I pull into the grocery store and tell them to just pick something quick and easy just for themselves.

Nate and I pick this...

mmmm had never tried it before, but it was good. No PF Changs, but still yum.

Bria picked this.....

So while I am reading blogs and ejoying my lettuce wraps (see that is what is so fun about not having hubby home for dinner) Bria walks in with her piggy bank.

Bria says "this is all the money I have mommy"

and I say, "oh, that's ok, just keep saving"

Bria says, "I just cannot eat that dinner. I will pay you back I promise. I like real food. Can I have an apple and a bananna instead?"

That just made me laugh! Really , I have never made the kids pay me back for food not eaten and then just the fact that she thought that's what she should do for picking out something gross, and deciding it was gross on her own, was just too much :)


Miller Family said...

That is so funny Paula. Pryce would do that same thing.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Just stopped by to say hello,and enjoyed my visit.

Kevin & Pam said...

Did you know there is going to be a PF Changs in our neck of the woods? It is going to be at the mall! I can't wait.