Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nate had a birthday - his 15th one to be exact

....and that just seems not real to me. Time really does go too quick. It would be nice to be able to freeze it. The problem with that is that I would have frozen him a while ago (about age 4) and missed out on seeing him growing into the man God has him to be.
We celebrated simply. Steak dinner with just our family. Baked his favorite cake, or cakes. He could not decide so I made German Chocolate and Mamaw made Boston Cream Pie. Mamaw and Papaw came over for birthday cake and presents for both Pap and Nate. He got lots of cash which is just what he wanted. He is saving for a new amp for his bass guitar. I was shocked that I remembered a book he has been eyeing at Barnes & Noble when we stop in, a collection of Edgar Allen Poe poems and short stories. He was happy.

His brother and sister think he is the best! They were so excited to be celebrating him.
My mom writes a poem for each of the kids - EVERY birthday. They are sweet and silly and always capture tidbits of their year. Here is the one she wrote to Nate this year.
Happy Birthday to Nathan
Where did the time go kid?
something ol' mamaw would simply
A new experience this year
Temecula Prep Shools
introduced good friends
but...a new set of rules!
Handsome and charming
in your uniform shirt and tie
a smart and witty student
one simply can't deny

Church life appears
good thus far..
there's Core Group, bible
and our course Bass guitar
Happy Fifteenth Kid
With heartfelt love I must say
"I could go on and on"
but, not enough hours in the day!
Nate, your are really fun to be around
A teenage appetite, that's no lie..
Enjoy with love...
Mamaw's Boston Cream Pie!
And yes, this is my 4th birthday post this month. They bombard me in January! It's just not fair :)

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melissa said...

wow, 15! he's such a cutie! and i love that you made both cakes! happy birthday, nate!