Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Heart Saturday AND....fall stuff

I bought these apples having no idea how AMAZING and YUMMY they are! Honeycrisp is my new favorite. I think this is the apple they use to get the juice for the Green Apple Jolly Rancher candy.

honeycrisp apples

bria pumkin 09

Matts pumpkin 09

Awww....they are so cute! These guys did most of the work on their own pumpkins this year. Matt really likes his and Bria is all about that little peace signs this year so I guess her design was very appropriate!


The Limon's said...

How fun for your kids...their pumpkins look great. Bria is looking so much like a little lady and less like a little girl - how sad...they grow up so fast.
I love those apples too.

The Limon's said...

BTW, it was good to see your son at GBT last night.