Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cricket diet COLA

Diet Coke is one of my most favorite things in the world. I really, really love diet coke. Recently I ordered a diet coke at a fancy lounge....

Very cool hang out.

Well, the bartender brought me this...

Cricket diet Cola. It is made with Green Tea. You know what? I really liked it. Not love. But like. I googled it and can get it at BevMo. I just may try to replace my little vice with a healthier version. Down side is it is not cheap.

Can I post another picture of the Harvest Inn in Napa? It is just so pretty.

Here is one of my favorite patio areas. It is at a hotel called Solage in Napa Valley.


Sandy said...

That Harvest Inn looks intriguing! Beautiful!

Just popping in to say hi! xx

Brianna said...

Paula, I had no idea you home-schooled your kids. Wow! You're amazing!
AND -- I also LOVE Diet Coke, to the point where, at different times, God has convicted me to give it up for a time, which is a great sacrifice for me. :) But each time, as you well know, He has been faithful. :)
Thanks for sharing your blog with me.