Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Heart Saturday AND.....yountville, ca

How could you not love walking up to this building? Pumpkins, brick and pine trees and I am in love.

lovely harvest entry way

Yountville is the kind of town you spend time walking through and come across not just one or two little cafes or amazing restaurants, but several .

Cute building at marketpace

This quaint little building houses something not so quaint.

french laundry

french laundry sign

It's Chef Thomas Kellers' French Laundry - named "best restaurant in United States" by some fancy restaurant magazine and several chefs you watch on the Food Channel have said that it was the "best meal of their life." Takes a long time or you have to "know" someone before you can get in.


A few blocks away I walked to Bouchon. Thomas Kellers' bakery/bistro. I got a pastry, coffee plus a few chocolates.

my bouchon

Walking the town and came across this winery store. I liked the name- something I would have picked if God had willed me a vineyard.

hope and grace winery

This was the fancy-shmancy hotel I stayed in and was the subject of my work trip. It is the kind of place that makes me nervous. So afraid I will break something, forget to tip one of the many people waiting on me (sorry lady who brought me my diet coke at the hotel lounge). Love the trees in Yountville!

view of subject property from pool areaAlign Center

See, I was really there. Those are my funny feet, relaxing before my interviews. Ahh. Only thing I was missing was my honey. Next time.

my feet


Catherine Anne said...

Love this post

Miller Family said...

You are so much fun! I would love to accompany you on your next trip! I know you need a body guard! HA!

Hopefull said...

Holly that is a great idea! I have been known to drag a girlfriend when I take off to Santa Barbara or Pismo for the night- you would be a great assistant!

Hannah Sivilay said...

I want to go there so bad!!!! I have heard amazing things about both those restaurants! It is beautiful. Maybe a summer get away next year for our anniversary. What a great job you have. I see Holly already got the job as assistant :-(

Anonymous said...

I love your photos and captions P!
Dad and I will have to make a point of visiting Yountville...what's in a name!

Sandy Toes said...

What beautiful pictures!
sandy toe