Thursday, January 21, 2010

another wonderful birthday

January is my family's month for birthdays!
You may have a dad that does not tell you outloud how much he loves you and is proud of you.

I do.

When I think of my dad I think of...

- Enjoying Angels baseball! He taught me to keep score....I always had so much fun

- Sport stats - he knows them all!

- He had a great work schedule when I was playing highschool sports and he was always there!

- He is crazy about my mom and treats her like a queen! As my mom said the other day "they are joined at the hip" sweet.

- He loves vacations!

- He is a major time, thoughts, ideas, listening, material name it.

- He gives me green olives....'cause he knows I like 'em

- He really digs is grandkids!

- He loves a good story and he loves remembering the many from his own past 64 years from childhood, his parents, us as kids, lessons learned, his travels and now tales of his simple days with awesome grandkids.

I love you more dad!

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Kevin and Pam said...

What a wonderful blessing!