Monday, June 1, 2009

another little birthday

Today is the birthday of my little blog. I certainly had enough birthday food and fun this past weekend, but hey, what's one more. I started hopes fulfilled blog with the idea of having a place to share my thoughts, my hopes and what makes me happy.
I wanted to blog for one year and then, on my 40th birthday, I would make it into a book as a present to myself. Well, since that time making a blogger blog into a good quality book is a little harder - but I am working on it.
I never kept up with my journal or scrapbooks - but I have with this blog. I have been able to share myself and my little life with people I know and love, people I am just getting know and total strangers, many of whom are not strangers any more.

Looking back...

Sometimes I have a thought that I want to write about and it goes into my "draft" file. In that file today I found posts titled...

  • A post on being a homeschooling/working mom

  • Junk food for the soul - I think this was to be my thoughts on my TV watching

  • Prayer sticks - a post about our family's way of praying for others

How do I have time to blog? Sometimes I blog when the dishes are not yet done, yet I do go back and clean them. I blog while sitting next to my husband while he watches music related videos/blogs or listens to a sermon podcast. Other times I blog late at night when I am supposed to be working on an appraisal report and I just get too bored with that.

Right now I am blogging when everyone is quiet in their rooms, husband is not yet home from work and I am not sure if anyone has had dinner yet. Oops - I better go figure that out.


melissa said...! bloggy birthday! ok, sorry for the cheese dripping off that one!

TAMI said...

Doesn't it seem like it would be EASIER to publish a blog book today than it was a year+ ago?! I noticed the same "backwards" thing though. Happy Birthday!!