Sunday, March 21, 2010

field trip...what is that?

Some of our best memories as a home school family are going on field trips. If we don't take advantage of getting out behind the desk (kitchen table) every now and then I think we miss out on great learning experiences, SEEING what we are reading about and just re-enforcing that learning is fun and is all over life!

Well, with one in highschool on a traditional schedule, offering me less flexibility, my 3rd and 5th grader have been a little cheated.

I am going to play some catch up with Matt and Bria over this last quarter and get out more. We plan a Legoland day, Balboa Park day, a visit to the Inland Valley symphony and Huntington Library...'cause those are just a few of my favorite places :)

A few weeks ago we took off to Forest Lawn in Glendale. My first visit and I never knew that the "builders creed" for this memorial includes the idea of bringing the beauty of our historic world to the lawn. The mosoleum has replications of several Michalangelo sculptures and Leonardo's Last Suppper on stained glass. Our visit included a show featuring the two artists in costume talking about their lives in Italy and what was going on when creating their most famous works of art. Well worth the trip. It is an excellent presentation they do throughout the year.

After meeting Da Vinci in real life, I gave Matt a little kit and he was able to build the artists version of the flying machine.

Since we were in the LA area we took the chance to eat at the German deli Schreiners in Montrose.

Over half of Bria's sausage went home to big brother!


Elizabeth Rose said...

Paula, I just love your blog!!!! You are encouraging me to go plan field trips. I love the Huntington Library, never thought to go to Forest Lawn on a field trip - funny thing is....that is where my HS graduation was held...very pretty place. My school was small and didn't have an auditorium big enough for a graduation. AND....I grew up going to Schreiners. I lived over there and every other Saturday I would go with my mom to get a bunch of meat...Mr. and Mrs. Schreiner would always great us and talk with my mom. I think Mr. is still alive and goes in there occassionally. MEMORIES!

{edie} said...

Looks like so much fun!